4th June 2014

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Audrey - March, 2009

Audrey - June, 2014

Minneapolis, MN

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3rd June 2014

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waiters and piano players and anarchist friends
treat me like a queen
why should I care
what the rest of the world thinks

me circa July 2000-

Going through old Word docs & notebooks. Still an accurate thought. Reminds me how awesome it is to have a piano player that “gets” you - knows when you’re going to breathe, when you’re going to let go of a note - and treats you like a queen when you sing.

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1st June 2014

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From morning-after 2011 Pride in Loring Park, Minneapolis - in front of the Berger Dandelion Fountain… from zen and the art of stacking collection.

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1st June 2014


cherimoya, cherry, nectarine, “Underground” by David Macaulay - from zen and the art of stacking… collection. - Summer 2009 -

cherimoya, cherry, nectarine, “Underground” by David Macaulay - from zen and the art of stacking… collection. - Summer 2009 -

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1st June 2014

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Another zen and the art of stacking… composition from 2009.

Another zen and the art of stacking… composition from 2009.

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1st June 2014

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The temporary art of Andy Goldsworthy and others have inspired me for years. Over at teandoranges, I have a collection of zen and the art of stacking… which I will be revisiting here with more pictures behind the “final product”.

This piece (which revised itself - ahem - “fell over” numerous times) was from the morning-after Movies In The Park - Loring Park, Minneapolis - Summer 2009.

While I sat there stacking my bottle caps, I attracted the attention of police officers wanting to know what I was up to. I remember being peeved at them for interrupting my concentration.

I continue to practice this miniature concentration art though I don’t always have a camera handy.

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1st June 2014


I learned how to make homemade bread from watching my mom. Before the gluten-free craze set in - I threw bread & wine parties one or two times a year. I’d usually make two or more kinds of bread. I have pics of the process, but none of the final product… too busy getting ready for guests, I guess. I still consider it one of my most “spiritual” practices… bread-making. I need to put this back on the change-of-season events.

Photos from before @ 2006 and 2008.

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29th May 2014


Chalk art in the abandoned Abbott Hospital parking lot - Fall 2008 - Minneapolis

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29th May 2014

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Collection of found art, graffiti & decay around the abandoned Abbott Hospital, Fall 2008 - Minneapolis. Much of it is from the parking lot across the street.

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28th May 2014

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In the Fall of 2008, as the old Abbott Hospital rotted behind chain link fences, graffiti artists beautified the space. Girl on a tree swing… the very best kind of swing.

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24th May 2014

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Allow me to give you a mini tour of one of my old haunts: the Original/Old Muddy Waters on 26th/Lyndale in Minneapolis. This was soon after a new (and fairly frequent) buff job… and aptly titled FUCK THE BUFF: toilet tags among my graffiti blog posts over at teandoranges. That’s a corner of Angela Carlson’s mosaic on the ceiling and floor.

-August 2008, Minneapolis-

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24th May 2014

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In June of 2009, someone (please let me know if it was you!!!) Love-Bombed my neighborhood… and I am Eternally grateful, though the street art has long since been scrubbed and buffed over.

I wrote about it on my teandoranges blog: street smART: bombed by love.

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24th May 2014

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There is At Least one place in Minneapolis (and the World) where the apple blossoms fall so heavily that they drift, reminiscent of snow drifts.

May 2009

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24th May 2014


There she is - Bea - peeking around the corner at twilight, May 2009 and hiding behind a pole, May 2008. We’re still going strong.

Incidentally, the lighter patch of grey concrete wall behind is where they buffed the “she broke my heart” stenciled street art posted below.

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23rd May 2014

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Crab apple blossoms May 2008 & crab apple blossoms May 2009 - and stenciled street art in the crab apple blossoms 2009. Crab apple blossoms and street art FTW.

The blossoms are blossoming as we speak. I wake and fall asleep to their (literally) breath-taking scent.  And the street art is still with us too. Every year, all year long, I look down on it and :)

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